International Society for
Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection

Biennial Meeting
Dates: July 28-31, 2010
Location: Padua, Italy
Venue: University of Padua

Prato della Valle - Padova, Italy



JULY 28-31, 2010 PADUA, ITALY

The International Society for Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection (ISIPAR) has the pleasure to announce that the Third International Congress on Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection (ICIAR) will be held in Padua, Italy (approximately 30 kilometers from Venice) July 28th through the 31st, 2010. This is your personal invitation to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

The official language of the Congress is English.

Prospective participants are encouraged to submit proposals for papers, symposia, workshops, and poster presentations on any aspect of interpersonal acceptance-rejection. Send Proposals to ISIPAR Executive Director, Ronald P. Rohner at

Relevant topics include:    
  • Acceptance-rejection in intimate adult relationships
  • Acceptance-rejection in the context of immigration& acculturation
  • Acceptance-rejection in the context of adult offspring’s caregiving of aging parents
  • Acceptance-rejection of children with special needs
  • Affectionate communication
  • Clinical and developmental implications of interpersonal acceptance-rejection
  • Cultural & social contexts of acceptance-rejection
  • Educational implications of teacher, peer, and parental acceptance-rejection
  • Father love
  • Ostracism & social exclusion
  • Parental acceptance-rejection
  • Peer & sibling acceptance-rejection
  • Methodological issues in the study of interpersonal acceptance-rejection
  • Neurobiological concomitants of perceived rejection
  • Resilience & coping with perceived rejection
  • Psychological and emotional maltreatment
  • Psychotherapy and psycho-educational interventions
  • Rejection sensitivity
  • Relation between acceptance-rejection & attachment
  • Victimization and bullying in school age children


  • Early abstract submission begins: October 30, 2009
  • Early responses sent: December 31, 2009
  • Final abstract submission until: March 12, 2010
  • Final responses sent: March 15, 2010
  • Early registration ends: April 30, 2010


Rich in art and history, the cities of Padua and Venice are full of wonderful architecture
and beautiful scenery. In Padua, among other things, you can visit Saint Anthony’s
Basilica, Cappella degli Scrovegni, Palazzo della Ragione, and Villa Pisani. In Venice,
visit St. Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, ride in a gondola, or stroll the narrow streets.

villa stra

porta portello padova


Professor Anna Laura Comunian
Chairperson, Local Arrangements Committee
Department of Psychology-University of Padua
Via Venezia, 8 – 35131 Padua (ITALY)
Tel. +39 049 538 4095 Fax +39 049 827 6600
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